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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Save time and money with Skype for Business

Skype for Business brings personal connection back to remote meetings How many times have you heard a teenager or university student answer questions about their future career aspirations with this line? “I really want a career that will include lots of travel.” And yes, work travel sounds glamourous and like a good way to see…
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Is your intranet actually doing its job?

Get your SharePoint information architecture sorted to enhance collaboration Creating a SharePoint intranet with planning your information architecture is like building a house without plans. You can do it, but the flow of your house will be all over the place and you’ll find yourself missing those boring but important details like plumbing. Information architecture,…
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Mobile, flexible and secure: How Microsoft Intune can help

Keep data secure no matter what device your employees are using Bring-your-own-device might be your IT department’s idea of their worst possible nightmare. But whether they like it or not, employees expect to be able to use a device of their choosing to work. And with the introduction of cloud-based technology platforms like Office 365,…
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Sleep easy with your data in the cloud

Best-practice cloud security helps your team work flexibly with reduced risks Cloud-based productivity tools like Office 365 mean that the anywhere, any device dream is now a reality for many workers. But with this flexibility to work from anywhere, from any device comes the question of how to keep data secure in the cloud? At…
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