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Office 365 adoption consultants

About Green Dot

You’ve decided to invest in Office 365, but you know that it will require a big cultural shift. Maybe you don’t know where to start and how to communicate the benefits to your team. That’s where our team of experienced Office 365 adoption consultants can step in to help.

Experienced Office 365 consultants

Green Dot have been successfully helping businesses to get more from their Microsoft technology investments for over 15 years. With skills and experience in both change management and technology, we can both setup your new Office 365 environment effectively for your business needs and create a systemised roll-out that maximises adoption among your team.

Structured Office 365 adoption approach

Before we start anything, the most important step in our approach is taking the time to understand the outcomes you are hoping to achieve and what changes you want to see. Only then will we start to gather your requirements and provide recommendations on which Office 365 technologies will provide the most significant impact for your organisation.

We’ll then work with your IT department and project team to set up the technology so that it matches your requirements. This can include developing an effective SharePoint information architecture for team collaboration, developing new workflows, and more.

Finally, we’ll develop a change management strategy based on proven best practices and successful implementations at other large scale organisations, like Qantas.

Who We Work For

Green Dot are experts in understanding the complex needs of large organisations. Our clients have included ASX100 businesses including Qantas, The GPT Group, Goodman and Commonwealth Bank.

With our proven processes and systematic approach to technology adoption and change management, we help Australia’s large organisations to get maximum value from technology investments.

We’ll work with your project implementation team, your leadership team, and your end-users to ensure that your Office 365 adoption and other Microsoft technologies goes smoothly and everyone can start effectively using the new tools in a way that delivers immediate results to your organisation.

Call us today to discuss your Office 365 roll-out

Large organisations can’t afford the downtime that often comes with new technology implementations. That’s why Green Dot has developed proven systematic approaches to Office 365 adoption and other Microsoft technologies. To find out how we can help you, call us on 1300 80 11 88.



Our Approach

  1. Understand outcomes
    We run workshops to understand your desired outcome, and gather your requirements
  2. Setup technology
    Expert consultants setup the technology to match your requirements
  3. Manage the change
    We  manage the change to get users to adopt the new technology

Our amazing GreenDot team

We have over 40 years combined experience connecting end-users with technology.


We work with large organisation to deliver value from their technology investments.

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