Sleep easy with your data in the cloud

Sleep easy with your data in the cloud

Best-practice cloud security helps your team work flexibly with reduced risks

Cloud-based productivity tools like Office 365 mean that the anywhere, any device dream is now a reality for many workers. But with this flexibility to work from anywhere, from any device comes the question of how to keep data secure in the cloud?

At Green Dot, we’ve been helping our clients use Microsoft’s tools to strike the right balance between empowering employees to find new ways to work and keeping corporate data safe in an online environment.

Cloud security strategy #1: Two-factor authentication

One of the most effective ways to increase cloud security is by introducing two-factor authentication (2FA). Also known as multi-factor authentication (MFA), this adds a second layer of protection by prompting users to enter a unique code – usually sent via SMS to their phone – when accessing their Office 365 account off the corporate network.

Many users will be familiar with this security approach from other online interactions, such as bank transfers and logging into government portals.

Once a user enters their username and password to access cloud platforms like Office 365, a unique code is sent to their phone via SMS. This helps to prevent unauthorised access to potentially sensitive corporate data.

Find out more about 2FA for Office 365 in our article here.

Cloud security strategy #2: Registered devices

The other pillar to cloud security is providing appropriate controls on mobile devices. In many workplaces, it is common for employees to bring their own device – whether that’s a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. A commitment to flexible working means that employees are often using these devices to complete work in the time and manner that fits with their broader life.

Of course, a bring-your-own-device environment does create significant security concerns. IT departments cannot be responsible for all employee devices. To overcome this problem, Microsoft has developed Intune to allow basic compliance for employee devices. Intune allows company data to be remotely removed if a device is lost or stolen, yet retains employee privacy.

Find out more about Microsoft Intune and mobile devices here.

Do you need help making sure your cloud environment is secure?

Green Dot is working with some of Australia’s largest organisations enable flexible, modern work practices that are secure and productive. Our experienced team has the skills, knowledge and experience to help you plan and manage your Office 365 deployment and increase adoption rates. To find out how we can help you, call us today on 1300 80 11 88.

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