Mobile, flexible and secure: How Microsoft Intune can help

Mobile, flexible and secure: How Microsoft Intune can help

Keep data secure no matter what device your employees are using

Bring-your-own-device might be your IT department’s idea of their worst possible nightmare. But whether they like it or not, employees expect to be able to use a device of their choosing to work. And with the introduction of cloud-based technology platforms like Office 365, this expectation is only increasing.

Microsoft is helping organisations to balance their valid security concerns against employee demands for flexible ways of accessing work environments.

Better mobile device security

Microsoft Intune is a management tool for organisations to effectively protect corporate data on mobile devices. It allows your IT department to manage limited aspects of employees’ mobile devices to protect corporate security.

Using Microsoft Intune, an IT department can see a device’s:
- model
- owner
- operating system
- manufacturer
- device name
- serial number
- company apps

At the same time, the organisation CANNOT see:
- call history
- chat history
- photos
- personal apps
- location
- personal data
- web history

Employees are able to automatically connect to the workplace’s WiFi network, access email and other work files, and access company apps via a portal.


Employee privacy plus corporate security = Intune

 A big feature of Intune is the ability for your IT department to remotely reset the device to factory settings if it is lost or stolen. The capacity to provide this level of security, yet protect and preserve the privacy of employees is powerful.

With Green Dot’s extensive experience in change management and the people side of managing the introduction of new technologies, we can help your employees to understand and feel comfortable with the capabilities – and more importantly, the limitations – of Microsoft Intune. Their privacy is protected without compromising company security while working remotely and accessing files on mobile devices.

Are you ready to get Intune?

Green Dot is working with some of Australia’s largest organisations enable flexible, modern work practices that are secure and productive. With extensive experience deploying Microsoft technologies, we’re helping companies to make the most of cloud platforms and managing the changes that come with that shift. To find out how we can help you, call us today on 1300 80 11 88.

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