Technology change is unprecedented – is your business ready to cope?

Technology change is unprecedented – is your business ready to cope?

Why your business needs ongoing change management

According to the Accenture Technology Vision 2016 report, 28% of survey respondents say that the pace of technology change will increase at an unprecedented rate, and a further 58% say it will increase rapidly.

In the face of this rapid development, businesses need to be built for change. This may mean using new tools, learning new skills, changing your processes, introducing new products and services, and in same cases, fundamentally altering how you do business.

Ongoing change management strategy #1: Get comfortable with disruption

Embracing technology change isn’t just about upgrading bits and bytes. It’s not even about the efficiency gains that can come from working smarter and faster. As the Accenture report says, “the real frontrunners will embrace disruption as part of their corporate DNA, inspiring their people with a vision for how technology enables processes to be done differently – to be done better – so that the business can follow a completely new direction.”

In other words, it’s not about just doing what we used to always do, but saving documents to the cloud. It’s about taking a fresh look at processes, and asking if it’s still the best way? It’s about reviewing products and services, and asking if they still provide clients with the best option?

Ongoing change management strategy #2: Know your end goal

If you don’t know what you are trying to achieve, how will you know if you’re successful? That’s why Green Dot’s proven change management strategy starts with a comprehensive discussion about your vision for your business and outlining the steps that will be necessary to get you there.

Ongoing change management strategy #3: Build engagement at all levels

Successful change management isn’t about the technology itself. It’s about your people. Because if they aren’t willing to change the way they do things, you won’t get the business outcomes you’re hoping for.

That’s why a key part of our change management approach is appointing change champions at various levels in the organisation. We provide these change champions with information, tools and strategies to inspire other team members and help answer the vital “what’s in it for me” question.

Ongoing change management strategy #4: Be ok with experimentation and failure

Embracing change often means trying new things and not having them work out. But it’s an important step in giving your team the freedom and responsibility to find new ways of operating and being comfortable with an element of risk that not everything will work out.

Are you ready to make your business change ready, for whatever technology comes next?

GreenDot is a certified Microsoft partner, using proven and robust change methodologies at some of Australia’s largest organisations. To find out how we can help you, call us today on 1300 80 11 88.

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