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Technology is just a tool: Start with the needs of people

People first technology gives employees the flexibility life demands The Accenture Technology Vision 2016 report, People First: The Primacy of People in a Digital Age, makes a compelling argument that digital now dominates every sector of the economy. The report argues that “as businesses become digital, their people and cultures must become digital, too.” Businesses…
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Technology change is unprecedented – is your business ready to cope?

Why your business needs ongoing change management According to the Accenture Technology Vision 2016 report, 28% of survey respondents say that the pace of technology change will increase at an unprecedented rate, and a further 58% say it will increase rapidly. In the face of this rapid development, businesses need to be built for change.…
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Is your culture ready for technology-driven change?

Don’t let your company get left behind  Do you know the three factors that are common to the fastest-moving companies? They are product and service innovation, adoption of new technology, and business process change. This means there is an opportunity for technology-driven change, especially in adopting new technologies and as a result re-engineering business processes,…
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The 4 key Office 365 pitfalls

And how to avoid them in your deployment Moving to Office 365 isn’t like an old-school technology upgrade. As well as the shift to a cloud-based environment, it’s also about embracing new ways of working and collaborating. Sharing knowledge and breaking down silos will only happen if you effectively plan your Office 365 deployment. Find…
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