Get ready for Office 365 adoption

Green Dot Consulting’s Office 365 adoption checklist

Office 365 Adoption ChecklistOffice 365 is an amazing technology platform for enabling collaboration. Yet, almost all organisations miss the concept that turning on technology that enables collaboration does not guarantee collaboration. The promised benefits are often not realised due to the gap between users’ skills and their understanding of all the things that a technology platform like Office 365 can do. Green Dot can help your business to get more from your Office 365 adoption, with our proven systematic approach.

How we work

Any successful technology adoption and change management program starts with people. At Green Dot, our Office 365 adoption checklist starts with getting clear on how your team are currently using technology, the pain points and issues they are experiencing, and what changes would make their working lives easier.

We use this data to identify use cases with clear and easily articulated benefits. We then create a change management program based on a user journey that introduces staff to Office 365 and the various ways they can use it.

Leading change

Through our successful Office 365 adoptions at leading Australian organisations including Qantas, Green Dot has learnt that leadership involvement is a critical success factor. We work with your senior leaders to ensure that they understand the desired business outcomes and how Office 365’s capabilities will enable the necessary changes to achieve those outcomes.

The next step in our Office 365 adoption checklist is using leadership champions as the lead communicators with staff for key resources and actions to increase adoption.

Encourage self-service and experimentation

A key pillar of our approach to Office 365 adoption is using Office 365 Video and SharePoint to create a repository of self-service resources for staff. Your staff will be encouraged to use the tools themselves and to solve problems through search. Instant access is made available to wiki articles answering common questions, reference guides in SharePoint, and tutorial videos in Office 365 Video.

The use of short, high impact videos also allows training to be easily scaled and mass educate staff. Ensuring videos focus on solving business problems – not the technology itself – increases their appeal.

Tailored to your business

As our approach to Office 365 adoption is customised to your business, so too are the resources we create for you. All technology platforms and content will match your branding, creating a familiar environment for staff.

Need help with your Office 365 adoption?

To realise the full benefits of implementing Office 365 in your organisation, a clearly planned and well-executed change management strategy can make all the difference. At Green Dot, we’ve successfully worked with some of Australia’s largest organisations to create and lead technology change management projects. To find out how we can help you, call us today on 1300 80 11 88.