Custom Office 365 training videos

Reach more of your team with consistent, repeatable messages

In large organisations, reaching all of your team members can be challenging. GreenDot Consulting can help you overcome this difficulty with customised Office 365 training videos. We’ll create you engaging videos, fully branded to your business, that communicate to your team the benefits of Office 365 as well as specific training videos.

Accessible and repeatable

Custom Office 365 training videos are a great way to broadly reach your team without needing to have everyone in the same location. Team members can access the videos at a place, time and device that suits them, plus can come back to replay the videos at any time in the future to consolidate their understanding.

Tailored to your systems and processes

By creating custom Office 365 training videos for your business, we can highlight and demonstrate Office 365’s functionality in a way that is directly relevant to your team and the day-to-day processes they need to follow. By ensuring videos are relatable to the roles and functions of your team members, we increase engagement and ultimately improve the adoption of Office 365.

Enabling self-service

A critical benefit of Office 365 training videos is that unlike in-person training sessions, team members can rewatch the videos that are most relevant to them repeatedly if required. This is especially beneficial for tasks that team members do not undertake on a regular basis and might need a quick refresher on.

Talk to us about planning your Office 365 change management

Developing targeted and tailored custom videos is just one element of our approach to Office 365 change management. At GreenDot, we’ve successfully worked with some of Australia’s largest organisations to create and lead technology change management projects. To find out how we can help you, call us today on 1300 80 11 88.