Custom Office 365 promotion materials

Enhance Office 365 adoption with branded campaign materials

Graphics and well-designed promotional materials can play a key role in overcoming resistance to Office 365 adoption. At Green Dot, we understand the power of graphics and will work with you to develop customised promotional materials that mirror your organisation’s existing brand and visual communications guidelines. We’ll help you to produce Office 365 promotional materials that are recognisable and familiar to staff, increasing their comfort with the change to Office 365.

Consistent look and feel

By branding Office 365 promotional and training materials with your organisation’s logo, preferred colours, standard fonts and so forth, we can help to minimise anxiety among your team.

We can brand all communications channels including emails, wikis, video tutorials and more.

Clear visual communication

To cater for a range of learning styles, we can create materials that appeal to more visual learners. As well as written and video guides, we can create customised graphical representations of workflows and processes.

Talk to use about how visual design can enhance your Office 365 adoption program

Embracing best practice visual communication strategies is just one pillar in our comprehensive approach to Office 365 change management and adoption. At Green Dot, we’ve successfully worked with some of Australia’s largest organisations to create and lead technology change management projects. To find out how we can help you, call us today on 1300 80 11 88.