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Cloudy days are here – and it’s something to smile about

Why your organisation should be embracing cloud computing The decision on whether to embrace cloud computing is something that many businesses are grappling with. Is it better to pay an upfront software license fee or an ongoing subscription fee? Is it more secure to store data on an on-site server rather than a virtual machine…
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Don’t just communicate – collaborate

Creating a collaborative organisation through technology Often when businesses talk about using tools like Office 365 to create a collaborative organisation, they’re really just talking about working on Word documents at the same time and saving dramas with version control. But creating a collaborative organisation through effective use of technology can go far beyond that.…
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Virtually connected

How technology can unify your team  One of the reasons businesses give for not embracing remote and flexible working practices is the concern about reduced sense of team. But does less face to face engagement really mean a reduced connection? A growing body of evidence suggests this fear is unfounded. In a world of dispersed…
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Don’t tell your employees to get their heads out of the cloud

8 ways Office 365 boosts productivity Keeping your employees productive used to mean having them sitting at their desks, where you could see them, from 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. But does a present workforce really mean a productive workforce? Increasingly, companies are realising that the answer is not always. For businesses where it…
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