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Technology is just a tool: Start with the needs of people

People first technology gives employees the flexibility life demands The Accenture Technology Vision 2016 report, People First: The Primacy of People in a Digital Age, makes a compelling argument that digital now dominates every sector of the economy. The report argues that “as businesses become digital, their people and cultures must become digital, too.” Businesses…
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Don’t just communicate – collaborate

Creating a collaborative organisation through technology Often when businesses talk about using tools like Office 365 to create a collaborative organisation, they’re really just talking about working on Word documents at the same time and saving dramas with version control. But creating a collaborative organisation through effective use of technology can go far beyond that.…
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Virtually connected

How technology can unify your team  One of the reasons businesses give for not embracing remote and flexible working practices is the concern about reduced sense of team. But does less face to face engagement really mean a reduced connection? A growing body of evidence suggests this fear is unfounded. In a world of dispersed…
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How to boost productivity with Microsoft Teams

Create a hub for teamwork with Microsoft Teams GreenDot Consulting has been working in collaboration with Microsoft on an early adopter program for Microsoft Teams at Qantas. Our managing director, Nick Lamshed, recently participated in a panel discussion on The Art of Teams, sharing what GreenDot has learnt from implementing Microsoft Teams. Instant access to…
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